Are You Preparing Your Yard For Next Spring And Summer?

The winter months are probably not your favorite time to be in your yard. After all, summertime was probably full of things like outdoor parties, barbecues and watching your children and grandchildren play outside. If you are feeling a bit sad about saying goodbye to summer of 2017, just think of what is ahead of you. Besides Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, you'll be bringing in the new year. That means spring and summer are right around the corner, right? Read More 

Understanding The Benefits Of Using Water Softeners

Most older homes have hard water and it's possible that it contains, and abundance of minerals, calcium, and iron. Although hard water is safe to use, it can make it more difficult to for cleaning. Water softeners help to remove minerals from the water and make it easier to clean appliances, dishes, and clothes. The information provided below provide some benefits for using water softeners in your home: Cleaning With Water Softeners Read More 

How To Makeover Wood Blinds With Paint

Wood or faux wood blinds provide an elegant look to any room. but they can fade over time or not match the color of the room anymore. Instead of replacing faded wood or faux wood blinds, consider painting them. Painting wood blind involves removing the slats to avoid painting the strings. Follow these tips to give your wooden blinds a makeover: Get Ready to Paint To paint the blinds, you need: Read More 

Three Tips To Keep Patio Furniture Like New

Your outdoor furniture should be treated as an investment. This means caring for it properly so that it lasts many seasons. The following tips can help you do just that, while also ensuring the furniture looks almost as good as new year after year: Tip #1: Store it undercover In most locations, outdoor furniture is only used for part of the year, generally from late spring through early autumn. This means that it should be stored during the winter months. Read More 

Let Sleeping Weed Seeds Lie

One of the tricks of weed control is that you do not want to cause weeds to emerge accidentally. There are weeds underground that can be brought to the surface and germinate. If you till the soil too frequently, you can cause an out-of-control weed explosion. Instead, only remove weeds as they are needed.  Removing The Weed In order to reduce the disturbance to the soil that you are causing when removing a weed, use a sharp and narrow blade. Read More