Get Rid Of Those Ugly Downspouts Without Eliminating Them

The downspouts on your home are an ugly necessity. They carry the water that runs off of your roof and through the gutters down to the drain pipes hidden underground and away from your home. If the water wasn't carried away from the house, foundation and moisture damage could occur. Here, you will find two suggestions to help you keep the water flowing away from the house without the unsightly downspouts taking away from the look of your home:

Rain Chains

Lots of people have never even heard of rain chains, but in Japanese culture, they are very widely used. Instead of having ugly downspout tubes hanging on the front of the house, rain chains are put in their place. At the bottom of the rain chain is a bucket. This bucket collects the water that runs down them and then, the water is used to water gardens and plants around the property.

Rain chains come in many decorative finishes and designs. Once you have found the type that you like, you simply remove the pipes and install the chain. Then, decide if you want to collect the water or if you'd like to just create the look of a collection bucket. If you don't want to collect the water, you can cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket and connect it to the underground drain pipes and have it carried away from the house.

Build an Enclosure

Another option is to conceal the downspout with lattice and vines.

  • Measure the height of the downspout. You need the measurement from gutter to ground.
  • Use 2x2" treated lumber as the frame. It needs to be 3" longer than the distance from the downspout to the gutter so that you have enough material to bury the base for support. Create a 3 sided box – you will need 4 posts at this length.
  • Measure the lattice to the exact height of the distance from gutter to ground. Attach it to the frame using finishing nails.
  • Get a ladder and mount metal mounting brackets to the side of your home. You want 1 bracket every 6 feet or so – more if you plan to grow heavy ivy up the lattice.
  • Dig a 3" deep hole at the base of the downspout making sure to be careful not to damage the drain pipe.
  • Get some help erecting the structure to the side of the house. 
  • Attach the structure to the mounting brackets.
  • Cover and pack soil into the base.
  • Plant your favorite ivy at the base and watch it slowly cover the lattice with green beauty.

Consider your options and figure out what look you'd like. Either option will eliminate the ugly downspouts while still protecting your home from the moisture damage it would otherwise sustain. Contact a company that makes copper rain chains for more information and assistance.