Repairs For 5 Glass Shower Door Problems

Glass shower doors are beautiful in their simplicity, plus they are typically durable and long lasting. They can suffer minor damage from daily wear and tear though, but fortunately, these issues are usually simple to repair.

1. Close Failure

Close failure affects hinged swinging glass doors, and the cause is likely either the hinge or the latch. Your repair tech will examine the hinge to make sure the hinge pin is properly seated and that the hinge is lubricated sufficiently to allow proper operation. Often, the issue is a bit of grime that makes its way into the hinge and needs to be cleaned out. If the hinges are working properly, then the magnetic latch may need to be re-aligned or replaced. 

2. Stuck Doors

Sliding or bypass-style glass shower doors are more likely to become stuck or drag when pushed open. There are clamps that hold these types of doors in position atop the gliders that allow them to move smoothly in the tracks. Aligning and tightening the clamps often fixes the problem. If the door still drags or becomes stuck, then the gliders may need to be replaced or the track may require cleaning or repair.

3. Scum Buildup

Soap scum and hard water stains can build up unattractively on the glass, and often full removal seems impossible. Abrasive scrubbers may be effective, but they will scratch and damage the glass door. A mildly acidic cleaner, when used properly, can remove the scum. Homemade solutions containing lemon juice or vinegar are often effective if allowed to soak into the scum for a bit. There are also commercial soap scum and hard water mark removers made specifically for use on glass. 

4. Seal Leaks

One benefit of glass doors over shower curtains is that there should be no more leaks outside of the shower. A leaking shower is most often caused by a failed seal around the edge of the door. Fortunately, seals are relatively easy to replace. Your technician will perform a leak test to determine where the damage is located so that the old seal can be removed and a new one installed. In some cases, the door may also require alignment to ensure it is hanging properly so that the seal is effective.

5. Damaged Glass

Scratches are the most common type of damage on a shower enclosure. Often the scratches are light, especially if they are caused by the accidental use of an abrasive cleaner. A shower repair technician can carefully buff the glass so that light scratches are removed. Deeper scratches or cracked glass may require the replacement of the affected enclosure panel. 

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