3 Unique Ways To Show Off Your Personality At Home Through The Entryway

Decorating and furnishing your home to show off your personality can be one of the best parts of homeownership. One of the more challenging parts of decorating your home can be the entryway due to the narrow design and the importance of it being the first place you see when coming indoors.

If you're eager to include your personality in decorating your entryway, it's wise to see what kind of options there are for interior design.

Combine the Finishes

The finishes in your home could include everything from the doorknobs to lighting fixtures. Matching all the finishes can mean choosing stainless steel, bronze, or another finish that can make your entryway feel cohesive. If these finishes clash, it can make your home look mismatched and challenging to enjoy.

Suppose there is any furniture with knobs or other hardware. In that case, you should take them into consideration with matching all the finishes at home. Being satisfied with the same style of finishes throughout your entryway can elevate the space and prevent disappointment due to the entryway looking mismatched.

Use Wallpaper as an Accent 

As you look into ways to include aspects of your personality while decorating your home, consider the impact that wallpaper can have. By having wallpaper put on a single accent wall in your home's entryway, you'll have the opportunity to add a pop of color or patterns that can dramatically change how your home looks.

Wallpaper can come in various designs with pops of colors and unique patterns that allow you to be more creative than paint. With only an accent wall done with wallpaper, you'll avoid issues with your entryway looking too bold and distracting.

Include Favorite Colors

If you have a favorite color you would like to incorporate in your home, but feel held back due to it being a bright color, the entryway could be the ideal place to include it. Including your favorite color doesn't need to mean choosing it for the walls, instead, you can add interesting framed pictures or furniture that's been painted. Since the entryway is a smaller space, you'll feel a lot more freedom over the color to include.

Finding ways to add your own personality to your home should start in the entryway, but it can be tough to find what features to include. By keeping the above ideas in mind while decorating your entryway, you'll avoid issues where the entry feels too plain in appearance or is missing elements you enjoy. 

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