Three Latch Considerations When You Shop For A Pool Gate

There are lots of things to think about when you shop for a pool fence to surround your swimming pool, including the gate. You and your family will walk through the gate countless times in the years ahead, so it's important that you choose the right gate. Pool gates can vary considerably, and your local pool company will be able to show you all sorts of options that are a good visual fit with the fence and offer the functionality that you want. When you're assessing a few different gates, you'll want to specifically pay attention to the latch and keep these considerations in mind.

Ease Of Use

Pool gate latches vary considerably, so assessing how easy various latches are to use will be important. It's critical to keep the pool gate closed as much as possible, and this means that you'll be dealing with the latch repeatedly during busy events such as pool parties. It's generally ideal to choose a latch that you can open and close with relative ease. For example, latches that you can use with one hand are desirable at times that you have one hand occupied — perhaps while carrying drinks or snacks to the pool area.

Ability To Lock

At times that you aren't using the pool, you'll want to lock the gate to keep unwanted people away from the water. When you assess different gates, it's important to understand how you lock each of the latches. Many latches have built-in locks, while others require you to secure them with a padlock. The former is generally a better option than the latter, as it's simpler. For example, instead of having to go retrieve your padlock when it's time to lock the gate, you can simply engage the latch's built-in lock to secure the gate.


It's also important to consider the height of the latch. This is particularly true if you have young children. On some pool gates, the latch is at the top of the gate. On other gates, it's positioned lower. For a family with young kids, a latch that is as high as possible is ideal because it will be out of reach for your children. During rare times that the gate is closed but not locked, you want to be confident that your kids can't reach the latch and open the gate when you aren't paying attention. Learn more about pool safety gates and their latches by visiting a local pool company.

For more information on a pool safety gate, contact a professional near you.