Recommendations For Selection Custom Window Treatments For Your Home’s Windows

Your home's windows allow in natural sunlight and provide you with a great view outside; however, they need to have the correct window treatments to manage the window's features and to protect your interior pieces. The following provides you with details of how to plan for and install the right window treatments for your home's interior accentuation and privacy.

Calculate Interior Protection

The type of window treatment you put on a window can depend on the type of window it is going to treat and also the type of interior space you are designing for. Look at the window's outside view and consider if it has direct sunlight during the day, which can require you to add sun protection to the custom window treatments. The sun's rays can fade any coloring on your window treatments, so if they are curtains or drapes, make sure you line them with a white lining to help avoid discoloration. This lining will also help you use the window treatments to block out the sun's direct rays during the heat of the day and improve your home's interior comfort. 

You should also look at the room that you are installing the window treatments on. If it is a bedroom or bathroom where you need privacy, make sure the curtains or drapes are able to block out the view from outside. And, for example, a bedroom space may require light-blocking drapes to help you if you need to sleep when the sun is shining.

Measure For the Size

Another consideration with your window treatments is to plan for the size and shape of the window. Some windows may have an arch on the top section, which will require you to install the curtain rod slightly above the top part of the window. Otherwise with traditional square and rectangular windows you will need to consider the length of your curtains and how you want them to fall. 

You can plan for your drapes to fall just longer than the length of the wall so they puddle on the floor slightly. But if you have pets or small children, you may want the drapes to be cut so they hang slightly above the floor for safety. Then, you can also arrange for the curtains to be hung so they just skim the surface of your floor for a precise cut length. Other less formal curtains can fall to the bottom of the window sill so the floor space below the window is clear of fabric.