Indoor Plant Display Options for Pet Owners

Indoor plants can improve the air quality in your home and brighten up your living space. If you are the owner of a couple of pets and are concerned about them damaging the plants that you decide to purchase, consider some strategic display options in order to help preserve the greenery and blooms.

A Terrarium

A terrarium is a glass enclosure that contains filtering materials, soil, and a grouping of plants. A lid and a grow light can be secured to a terrarium. A lid will prevent houseplants from becoming disrupted. A lid may provide an airtight seal or contain a vented surface. If a solid lid is used, it should be removed weekly. This will allow fresh air to enter a terrarium.

A terrarium kit may come with seeds or seedlings, charcoal, pebbles or sand, potting mix, and instructions on how to prepare an environment that will prompt healthy growth. The charcoal will remove toxins from potting soil and will serve as the base layer of a terrarium. Decorations can also be added to a terrarium if preferred.

An Elevated Vine Display

Vines that climb vertically tend to grow along the siding of a building or along trellises. A series of vines will thrive indoors, as long as they are provided with a supportive material that they can lean against. Research vine varieties to determine how quickly they tend to grow.

Consider planting a series of vine seeds in a long shallow tray. The top of a bookcase, a mantelpiece, or the top of a series of cabinets will provide a suitable area for the planted vines to grow. If your pets don't have much interest in climbing onto any of these surfaces, the vines will remain protected. Install hooks slightly above the planting tray. The hooks can be used to support the vines as they grow longer.

A Caged Display

A birdcage can be used to protect a series of potted plants. Choose a mixture of leafy green plants or ones that contain colorful blooms. Place the potted plants across the base of the cage. Suspend the cage from a ceiling chain or hook.

If you have chosen to display the plants in a room that receives ample sunlight, open window coverings during the day. If you are going to display the plants in a room that doesn't have many windows in it, invest in a grow light and secure it to the top of the cage.

For more tips and tricks about caring for indoor plants, contact a local company near you to learn more.