Workplace Mice? How to Get Rid of These Unwanted Solicitors

Nobody wants unwanted visitors, especially at work, but when these visitors have four paws, whiskers and like to leave tiny black droppings everywhere, you really don't want them at your workplace. If you have spotted signs of these tiny visitors, there are things you need to do in order to get rid of them. Mice are usually traveling in packs, so if you think you only have one, it's more than likely that you have several. Read on for tips to help you get rid of mice at work.

Make Necessary Repairs

You may have a mice problem because they are getting into your building through a hole of some sort. If you have an older building for instance, there may be holes in the siding, brick, or metal panels on your building. If there are any such holes, be sure they are being repaired by a maintenance worker, or take some steel wool to fill in these areas and then seal the holes with silicone, caulk, or expanding foam. Make any necessary repairs to the building to prevent any pests from getting inside. If mice are getting in, other pests can get in as well.

Put Food Away

Any and all food should be stored properly. If there is a common kitchen area, be sure any snacks are put away in sealed containers to keep mice out. If anyone in the workplace has food at their desk or inside their desks, make sure everyone is aware of the rodent problem and either puts food somewhere safe, or stops this practice to keep mice away.

Clean Counters And Tables

If there is a kitchen, or any common areas where food is eaten, be sure these areas are kept clean and is wiped down daily to prevent from feeding mice unknowingly. Keep cleaning items on hand so these spaces can be kept clean. Mice will feed off of crumbs left behind from the last crew that ate lunch in the break room, or will eat the leftover sugar granules left by the coffee pot, so keep these spaces clean.

If you have workplace mice, call mice extermination services to help you get rid of them. Mice in the workplace can be difficult to get rid of, but a pest control company will be there to show you what exactly needs to be done in order to prevent mice in the first place, as well as set traps and remove any dead mice from these traps to keep your workplace free of these pests.