Look For These Features When You Buy A White Ceiling Fan

When you shop for a ceiling fan, the color is often the first thing that you'll notice. Ceiling fans that are gray, black, bronze, and other hues can all be appealing, but there are many advantages to choosing a product that is white. A white ceiling fan tends to blend into the ceiling to some degree, which is ideal if you're keen on the functional benefits of this device but you don't necessarily want to draw visual attention to it. Once you've identified a few white ceiling fans that appeal to you, narrow down your options to a product that offers these features.

Remote Control

Many ceiling fans come with remote controls, which can make operating them quick and easy. Instead of having to reach overhead to adjust the speed of the fan or change the direction that it's turning, you can perform these functions by tapping the remote control. This can be valuable in a variety of scenarios. For example, if you'll be mounting the ceiling fan in your bedroom and you want to adjust it during the night, you don't have to fumble overhead in the dark. Instead, you can keep the remote control on your bedside table and press the appropriate button.

Dimmable Light

Many ceiling fans have built-in lights, which can add more light to the room or, in some cases, be the sole source of light in a specific area. As you look at the different lights, you may wish to look for one that is dimmable. Dimmable lights are highly desirable for many families. For example, if you install the ceiling fan in your child's bedroom, you'll be able to turn the light on only slightly when you need to visit the child in the night. This can often be better than a light that only operates at full strength when you turn it on, as such a bright light could wake up the child.

High Airflow Rating

When you turn on your ceiling fan, you want to be confident that it will move a lot of air and make the space below it feel pleasant. As you compare different models, look for the airflow rating of each. This metric, provided in cubic feet per minute (CFM), describes how much air the fan will move. A high airflow rating is especially important if you plan to install the fan in a large room, as the room will contain lots of air to move.

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