4 Unusual Ideas For Upholstered Furniture That Stands Out

From sofas to dining chairs, most forms of indoor furniture offer at least one surface to cover in rich upholstery fabric. There's no need to go with the status quo when you prefer an eclectic or artistic approach to interior design. If you're having new furniture upholstered or older pieces reupholstered, consider one of these unusual ideas for a piece that will become an instant conversation starter.

Patchwork and Mixed Fabrics

For centuries, upholstered fabrics have largely featured the same fabric on every surface of a single piece of furniture. However, there's no rule stating you can't mix and match different fabrics to your heart's content. Try a contrasting pattern on the back of a sofa with a more muted design on the cushions for an unusual look that catches the eye. To take this mixing and matching to a new level, try fabrics printed to resemble the patchwork of a handmade quilt. Actual patchwork material is usually too prone to ripping to use on a piece of furniture, but there are plenty of dyed and printed materials that offer the same look. If you want genuine patchwork, be prepared to pay extra since the upholstery service will need to stitch each piece of fabric on individually.

Partial Upholstery of Uncovered Areas

Cane-backed chairs and love seats offer a unique opportunity for creative upholstery, especially if you choose a patterned fabric. A talented upholsterer can trim a piece of the pattern and attach it over part of the cane material to create an organic design that stands out against the background. Not all upholstery services offer this technique, so you may have to shop around to find a professional that can achieve the right look.

Outdoor Fabrics for Indoor Furniture

Don't think of UV-resistant canvas as appropriate for patio furniture alone. The same tough fabrics used for outdoor furniture work well indoors as well. Outdoor fabrics tend to offer superior fade resistance and are easily cleaned before stains set in. With many outdoor canvases now available offering the same softness and pattern options as indoor-only fabrics, no one will guess you chose a low-maintenance material.

Clear Vinyl

While clear vinyl won't work on the padded sections of a piece of furniture, it creates an artistic twist to any chair that usually features an upholstered or caned back. Stretching the vinyl over the back creates a view of the rest of the room while preserving the beauty and support of the carved wood frame. If clear isn't the right choice for the room, a tinted translucent vinyl adds color while still revealing the decor behind the piece.

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