Helpful Ways to Get Your Home & Yard Ready for Spring

With warmer spring weather comes emerging insects and other outdoor pests, noxious weeds, but also new growth in your lawn and landscaping to look forward to. All this new activity after a season of freezing weather requires you to get busy and handle the accumulation of tasks so you don't get behind. To help you get a jump start on your outside work, here are some professional services and ideas to help you get your yard and home ready for the warmer weather.

Use Professional Pest Control Services

Many insects, bugs, spiders, and mice can hibernate over the winter when the temperatures drop, then emerge in the spring. Some insects can overwinter in your yard, especially when there is a great deal of snow that builds an insulative layer in your yard and make a protective barrier to them. So, grasshoppers, beetles, wasps, and other pests can become an even larger problem this year than they may have been last summer. In fact, in early spring adult wasps can come out of hibernation in your yard and begin to build a new nest. 

Hiring a pest control service is a great way to treat your entire yard to get rid of pests, such as black widow spiders, mice, wasps, and grasshoppers. A pest control professional will know which areas in your yard to focus on their treatment to eliminate eggs and juvenile pests before they grow to adulthood. This can include under the eaves of your roof, within areas of dead vegetation in corners of your yard, or against outbuildings where they may have found a winter shelter. 

Most pest control services provide a guarantee for the season. Be sure to ask about a guarantee on their work, as they will usually return to apply another treatment to your yard and home if any pests are not eliminated from the first treatment or they return in the season.

Plan a Yard Clean-Up Day

Another way your yard will need to be cleaned up is to remove any dead vegetation and other waste left over from last fall. Even though you rake your leaves in the autumn, winter storms can blow leaves over from neighboring areas to clutter up your yard. Rake up and remove any leaves and dead vegetation from areas, such as your vegetable garden, next to your home's foundation, and around wind barriers, such as trash cans and wood piles.

Next, you can start treating your yard for spring-emergent weeds with broadleaf and pre-emergent herbicide. You may see weeds, such as dandelions, morning glory, field pennycress, chickweed, and mallow, and crabgrass. Taking this step to care for your lawn will pay off by starting the fight on weeds before they begin to take over.