3 Keys To Creating Contemporary Style In A Traditional Home

If you are a lover of modern design, clean lines, and open spaces, you are probably really into contemporary home design. The only problem is if you live in a home that has a more traditional style and layout, it can be difficult to pull off a contemporary look. But just because you have a more traditional home, it does not mean you cannot create a contemporary space with a few minor adjustments. Creating a contemporary space all boils down to a few important keys. Take a look at the three keys to creating a contemporary style in a traditional home.

1. Change the wall color to a more neutral tone. 

If you have deep jewel-tone paint on the walls or heavy earthen hues, you definitely have to get rid of those colors if you are going to create a more contemporary space. The more modern style is all about a more open, airy feel, which cannot be achieved if you have walls that are painted in darker colors that make a space feel more enclosed. Opt for light neutral paint colors in off-white, light tan, or beige. In a contemporary room, the goal is for the walls to be less of a design element and more of a backdrop. 

2. Invest in contemporary furniture pieces. 

If there is one big thing that will change the look of a traditional space, it is to get rid of the older traditional-style furniture and go for more contemporary designs. Contemporary furniture with obvious clean lines, whether they are curved or straight, is what you should be looking for. Most contemporary sofas, for example, are a lot less fluffy and cushy looking and a lot more straightforward in shape because they have straight-cut cushions and solid frames. Not only should you look at big furniture pieces, but also at things like accent tables and other smaller items. 

3. Add a pop of color with accent pieces and highlights. 

The main color points in a contemporary setting should be highlights, not really a primary furniture piece of the room. So when you go to implement accent pieces in a contemporary room, go for bold colors and things you really want to tie in the overall design. For example, if you have neutral tone walls, basic-hued end tables, and a slate-colored couch, add some bright throw pillows and bold accent pieces on your tables like lamps or picture frames.