Two Signs That It’s Time To Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have a timeless appeal that makes them the superior flooring choice in many homes. Some people absolutely love the look and feel of hardwood floors and wouldn't dream of living in a space that didn't feature them. Much of the beauty that comes from hardwood flooring can be attributed to the sealant that is applied over the surface of the wood just after it's installed. The sealant isn't permanent and as time progresses you're going to need to know when it's appropriate to have the floors refinished. If any of these signs have started to show up you might want to get in contact with a contractor so they can work their magic on your floors.

Your Hardwood Floors Are Starting To Change Colors

A huge indication that your floors absolutely must be refinished is when the boards start to turn colors. The changes are often very subtle at first but if you don't act quickly the damage can become so severe that literally nothing can be done to salvage the boards. You'll need to pay to have the floors completely ripped out and replace all because you failed to heed the initial signs of a problem.

Hardwood floors can start to change colors when the sealant is stripped away because the floors are no longer protected from water. As you probably know, it's very easy for water to end up on the floor in any household, with everything from spilling a glass of the liquid being a problem to walking across the floor with wet shoes on a rainy day. When there is no sealant on the hardwoods they are exposed to the water and it can then seep into the boards and oxidize, therefore causing the floors to turn different colors.

Buffing Does Little To Remove The Scratches

It's quite normal to get scratches on your hardwood floors. If the sealant is strongly intact you can do a little buffing on the weekends and get rid of the damage with ease. 

After the sealant has started to wear away you could find that the scratches seem to be ingrained in the flooring. Your buffing isn't nearly as effective and this is due to the condition of the sealant.

Knowing when to refinish your floors lets you enjoy their beauty for much longer. Keep those floors looking their best by letting a contractor refinish them for you today. Contact a company, like Kenton Carpet Care, for more help.