Turn Your Den Into An Ocean Lover’s Haven

If lying on the beach and listening to ocean waves crash against the shoreline is your idea of tranquility and helps you to unload stress and relax completely, why not turn your den into an ocean-themed haven so that you can enjoy the ambience daily and rejuvenate your mind? Use the tips below to help you achieve the desired results.

Install A Projector And Audio Player

Purchase an ocean wave projector and screen that comes with an audio player. The recordings on the player can be played along with the ocean waves that are depicted. This type of projector can be used as a night light and may help you fall asleep or can be used during the daytime, as long as the other lighting in the room is dim.

If the projector is aimed at the wall that is in front of your recliner or couch, you will not have to strain while gazing at the waves and can pretend that you are truly at the ocean as you are nestled in a pile of blankets on a comfortable furnishing. 

Hang Artwork And Install Track Lighting

Visit an art gallery and purchase some framed paintings that remind you of some of your fondest moments at the beach. Artwork that depicts large waves, a vacant shoreline, or an old lighthouse can help you feel at ease and will temporarily distract you from everyday problems that have been weighing on  your mind. Use picture hanging kits, a power drill, and a measuring tape when hanging the artwork on one of the den's walls.

Install track lighting over the artwork so that you can enjoy the paintings without the distraction of standard lamps or overhead lighting. The track lighting will add subtle beauty to the area where the artwork is hung and will add a touch of elegance to the den. 

Add A Multitude Of Decorative And Comfort Pieces

If you are like most ocean lovers, you probably have a seashell or sand dollar collection, as well as other memorabilia that you have collected over the years. Use these decorative pieces to accent the den. Place seashells or sand dollars in glass bowls and set the bowls on a coffee table or shelf.

Purchase some comfort pieces, including seashell shaped pillows and thick blankets that have an ocean theme printed on each of them and arrange the pillows and blankets across your couch or chair.