Let Sleeping Weed Seeds Lie

One of the tricks of weed control is that you do not want to cause weeds to emerge accidentally. There are weeds underground that can be brought to the surface and germinate. If you till the soil too frequently, you can cause an out-of-control weed explosion. Instead, only remove weeds as they are needed. 

Removing The Weed

In order to reduce the disturbance to the soil that you are causing when removing a weed, use a sharp and narrow blade. Then, you will cut through the roots of the dandelion weed. Once the roots have been severed, it is easier to pull the weeds out of the ground.

 Speeding The Weed Pulling Process

Pulling weeds is a chore that is time-consuming and you may wonder if there are any ways that you can speed it along. However, there are some methods that can make this process faster. For example, you can moisten the soil in order to allow the weeds to slide out more easily. The moist soil is less resistant. If you try to pull the weed when the soil is dry, it is more likely that you will tear the plant and leave much of it behind. This will cause the weed to simply regenerate. The best time to weed is shortly after it has rained. However, if it is not expected to rain for awhile, water your garden before pulling. 

Removing Weeds Between Pavers

Some weeds cannot be pulled using the methods described, such as weeds that pull up in-between pavers. For these, the solution is to dig a screwdriver into the crack. Very narrow screwdrivers are able to fit in a crack and loosen the plant enough to pull it out.

Chopping The Heads Off

While cutting the heads off of plants will not kill them, it will prevent them from setting their seeds. Eventually, the plants will die and you will be less likely to have more. So mowing your lawn more frequently and chopping off the heads of those weeds can still be effective.

If you are still struggling with your weeds, it is recommended that you contact a weed control service. Professionals will be able to examine the mistakes you are making in order to find ways that you can more easily remove weeds from your property. There might be chemical control methods that will prevent weeds from germinating in the first place. To learn more, visit a website like http://snydersweedcontrol.com/