Roofing Contractor Tips For Installing Metal Roofing Materials

Whether you are installing metal roofing panels on a new shed you just built or are completely re-roofing your home, these time-tested roofing contractor tips will make the job a lot faster, easier, and safer:

Tip: Use Duckbill Tin Snips 

When you are making seams in the metal roofing panels or cutting out areas for plumbing vents, the best tool to use is a pair of duckbill tin snips. Duckbill-style tin snips are different than regular tin snips because their blades are curved and resemble a duck's bill. The special blade curvature allows this style of tin snip to more easily cut curves in the metal. This is important when you need to cut out vent holes.

Tip: Mark Your Tin Snips with a Permanent Marker

Since you need to make cuts that are the same length over and over again as you seam together your new metal roofing panels, you should take a permanent marker and mark off the measurement directly on the blades of the tin snips. With this simple tip, you can avoid continually reaching for your measuring tape. In addition, it will save you a lot of time and guarantee that all of your cuts are the same length.

Tip: Invest in a High-Quality Hemming Tool

When you need to bend the bottom and top of your roofing panels to make the hems necessary to fit into the offset cleat, the best tool for the job is a hemming tool. Since you will also need this tool to make the bread pan folds at the top of the panels, invest in a high-quality hemming tool to make the folds more accurate and easier to create. 

Tip: Use a Utility Knife for Easily Cutting the Panels

While you may believe it is necessary to use tin snips or other tools to cut metal roofing panels, this just simply isn't necessary. You can easily cut metal roofing materials with a utility knife that has a new razor blade installed in it.

Tip: Always Wear Hand and Eye Protection

Finally, when you are working with metal roofing materials, you absolutely must wear leather gloves to protect your hands and safety goggles to protect your eyes. Freshly cut metal is razor sharp and can easily cut your hands. And, as you cut the roofing panels, small pieces of metal can fly off and become embedded in your eye. This scenario threatens your vision and there is no excuse for not protecting your eyes with an inexpensive pair of safety goggles.

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