Budget-Friendly Ways To Redecorate Your Home

If you're craving a decor change in your home but are on a limited budget, there are plenty of ways that you can update your style on the cheap. One of the best ways to redecorate your home inexpensively is by buying items online. You can easily shop around and compare prices or buy home decor items online

Sometimes just making one or two updates can refresh a room and give it a new look. No matter what room you want to redecorate, from your master bedroom to the kitchen, you can do it without breaking the bank. 

For a personalized, boutique-worthy look, you can enhance basic decor pieces that you buy online with craft items. The good news is that you don't have to be an artist to customize anything from from picture frames to mirrors.

Here are some ideas for refreshing your home with inexpensive decor items:

1. Throw Pillows

One the fastest ways to breathe new life into a bedroom or living room is with new throw pillows. You can use them to instantly update a bed, couch, love seat or chair. If you already have the cushions, you can just purchase coordinating-size covers online to save money.

Use throw pillows to help create a decor theme, such as seashell or seahorse designs for a beach-inspired space. If you want to give a bedroom a charming shabby chic look, look for pillows or covers featuring delicate toile or rose patterns. 

As another idea, give your living room a refreshing pop of color by placing vibrant yellow, red or blue pillows on a neutral-hued couch. Use a floor rug or wall art to pull the colors together for a coordinated look. 

2, Picture Frames

Another budget-friendly way to redecorate is with picture frames. If you have cherished family photos tucked away in a drawer, hang them on your walls in interesting frames. For a sleek, modern appeal, go with silver or chrome frames. As another idea, crisp white frames will brighten up dark walls. 

If you're crafty, buy plain wooden frames and enhance them with small seashells and sea glass found on a family vacation. You can also use acrylic craft paint and stencils to create designs and words for a one-of-a-kind look. 

3. Lamp Shades 

Rejuvenate tired-looking white lamp shades with customized ones you can find online. Eye-catching shade designs include chevron stripes, world maps, floral patterns and beaded details around the trim. 

If you're looking for a new lamp base as well, consider one with a tree branch design as an organic, nature-inspired touch.