Creating A Medieval-Inspired Gaming Room: Fun Decorating Ideas

Whether you enjoy playing medieval role-playing games or you simply want to give your home's gaming room a unique look, a medieval-inspired decor theme may be the perfect option for you. Use the following ideas to create a fun and exciting space you can use to travel back in time as you play games with family and friends.

Faux Stone Wall Panels

Give your gaming room the look of a medieval castle with faux stone wall panels. These panels create the look of stone without the heavy lifting. You can install the panels on your own as a DIY project, or you can hire a contractor to install them for you. Consider placing the stone panels on a focal wall and painting the other walls in a rich cream color. You can also use the panels on all of the walls and the ceiling for a more immersive design theme.

Guards At The Door

If you are going for a medieval decor theme, then why not add knights in shining armor to stand guard in your gaming room? Add a knight in full armor on each side of the door to serve as imaginary sentries, or place a knight near a window to stand watch for invading armies. If you don't want to commit to full-size knights, look for small statues you can use to decorate the room.

Long Tables

Long tables can create the look of a medieval dining room, particularly if you choose the right design. The table should be crafted from wood, and the chairs that match should have high backs. Consider chairs with leather-upholstered seats for comfort and style, and think about having a table top custom-made for certain types of games. For example, you can have a table top that is wood on one side and felt on the other, which means you can use it for poker knights, role-playing,  or any other type of board game you might choose to play.

Gaming Thrones

Your medieval gaming room wouldn't be complete without a place to play video games. Instead of choosing reclining chairs, opt for something a little more royal with throne-style chairs. These thrones give you the chance to be king or queen of your castle, and they add to the fun design theme. Look for designs with cushioned seats to provide added comfort during long hours of gaming. Velvet or leather upholstery can add to the authentic look of your gaming thrones.

Have fun with this look, and shop for accessories that bring the medieval feel to your space. Dragon statues, gargoyles, black cauldrons, and even replicas of ancient weapons can all give your gaming room the old world feel you want.